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A full set of transportation choices is essential to modern life, and no set of choices is complete if it doesn’t include passenger rail. The return of passenger rail to New Mexico is critical to the renaissance of our environment, our economy, and our public safety.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a viable passenger rail system is anti-business. Passenger rail is an important keystone for revitalizing a community and its businesses. Consider why rail makes sense:

  • You and your employees will stand a better chance of actually getting to work, considering the highly favorable accident rate of passenger rail.
  • Imagine – no traffic delays, no red lights. Your employees might start showing up on time!
  • When they get there, they’ll be ready to work and not in need of recuperation.
  • Just think of what a great benefit you could offer your employees – a transit pass! They’ll be able to read the paper on the way to work instead of stewing in traffic.
  • Good transportation choices foster a more livable community for all economic classes, which in turn attacts workers and helps your business to grow.
  • Passenger rail gives more bang for the tax buck. It beats every form of transportation except bicycles and walking in tax dollars per passenger mile. (And don’t buy the phony “subsidy” argument. All transportation in the U.S. is subsidized in one way or another.)
  • Many passenger rail systems can be installed without acquiring new land or condemning businesses and neighborhoods to extinction, relocation, or neglect.
  • Do you know how much expense, to the environment and your pocketbook, is associated with the disposal or rubber tires? Steel wheels on steel rails are an excellent antidote to the rubber tire blues.
  • With passenger rail you have lots of choices, from streetcars to heavy rail. You can design a system that fits your community.
  • Rail is the perfect trunk for a transportation tree that includes all other modes, even cars and trucks.

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Rails, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501-c-3 tax exempt organization.