Our Big Fat Wish List

Compiled November 3, 2002

Improvements we would like to see be part of life in New Mexico by 2012, the Centennial year of our statehood:

  • 50% of our electricity renewably generated, especially from wind and solar.
  • 25% of our motor fuel needs furnished by home-grown ethanol and biodiesel.
  • Some progress made in extracting and harnessing the energy in nuclear “waste”.
  • Regular passenger rail service between Raton and Las Cruces anchoring a truly multimodal transportation package.
  • Several light rail lines around Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and possibly Las Cruces and Roswell. Also, electric trolley buses where rail is not practical. Renewable energy is extremely compatible with rail and trolley bus transit systems. Note the successful wind-electric light rail in Calgary, Alberta, to name one of many presently in operation.
  • The rise of financial institutions modeled on the Shorebank of Chicago, the Permaculture Credit Union of Santa Fe, and the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. This would cause a sharp decline in the predatory payday loan type of operations now infesting New Mexico.
  • A rural renewal sparked by “radical center” ideas and projects, i.e., farmers, ranchers, workers and environmentalists cooperating and working toward common goals.

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