What’s at Stake?

  • Your Space
    • At least 30% of downtown Albuquerque is devoted to roads and parking.
    • New roads and suburban sprawl are eating up open space, farm land, and long-established neighborhoods.
  • Your Money
    • The cost of personal transportation is more than 20% of most families’ budgets.
    • The recent reconstruction of the Big I, though well executed, cost over $200,000,000 and will not solve our traffic problems for very long.
  • Your Air
    • Personal vehicle miles travelled are currently increasing 3 times as fast as our population.
    • A proposed power plant in the South Valley would increase by 6 times the industry-derived air pollution over Albuquerque. By law, that increase would have to be met by a decrease in other pollution sources, such as motor vehicles.
  • Your Community
    • New Mexico’s cities can no longer afford to provide roads and utilities to new communities and fully maintain exiting neighborhoods.
    • Albuquerque’s bus system is skimpy and incomplete. Many people can’t or won’t ride it.
    • Getting to work, school, or entertainment is becoming more expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and dangerous.

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