Montana Association of Railroad Passengers

July 2, 2002

 We of Montana Association of Railroad Passengers are interested in getting a north south route through Montana. First I have to tell you that you cannot go from Billings north to Havre as the tracks have been removed between Big Sandy and Havre and the line between Great Falls and Helena are bad. We proposed when we started our group in 2001 to have a line from Spokane to Denver and we referred to it as the ‘Route of the Rockies’. We suggest that consideration be made from Billings to Great Falls to Shelby and then talk with the people in Canada who are interested in going from Edmonton to Shelby. We are having a meeting in Helena Mt on the 29th of February at a location to be determined and the time. We have asked for a closed meeting with only those by invite and not a lot of people talking about the past. So the government said we can’t have a closed meeting in the capital, so we are looking elsewhere. We have invited the Gov, Lt Gov, the Mt Dot, Rail Link, the three congressmen from Mt, Amtrak, Rep from U of Mt. We talked to the BNSF people from Fort Worth and they stated when we had more of the picture and firmer stance they would then meet. We invite somebody from your group and anyone from any of the other states involved. All I ask is for those wanting to come to let me know so we can keep our numbers straight. Keep me updated and I will do the same.

James C. Green

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