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Some encouraging news as relates to our 5 Point Program.

Since we at Rails Inc.presented our “5-Point Program” in 1999, this is what has happened toward the realization of these Points:

1) New double track between Santa Fe and the main line near La Bajada is now in the works and the work has begun. Completion scheduled for late 2008.

2) The Rail Runner is successfully operating from Belen to Bernalillo, with service to Downtown Santa Fe scheduled to begin in late 2008.

3) There is still no Amtrak or similar service along the El Paso-Albuquerque- Denver-Cheyenne-Points North corridor, but Gov. Richardson recently wished for it out loud and some well-connected people in Colorado and points North are pushing in this direction.The State of New Mexico’s purchase of the Belen-Raton right of way from the BNSF Railroad has not hurt this process at all—-not to mention being almost beyond our wildest dreams.

4) A Modern Streetcar initiative for Albuquerque proposed by Mayor Chavez and several City Council Members was shot down in late 2006, but a new initiative calling for a Study, a Task Force, etc. was passed by the Council last March. The 21st Century Transportation Task Force has begun to meet, Rails Inc is at the table, and hopefully we’ll begin to see Light Rail or Modern Streetcar in Albuquerque within a couple of years.

5) Based on the Rail Runner and Rapid Ride campaigns, transit publicity is being handled pretty well. We particularly like the “ You just got off the train. Now What? “ sign at the Albuquerque Downtown Rail Runner station, as it addresses one of the greatest transit concerns of both us and the public; namely, connecting services between major transit routes and secondary and destination routes. Besides, that display is almost like they read our minds.

Rails Inc is now primarily focussed on urban Rail (of some kind) for the Albuquerque area, and re-establishing rail service along the El Paso / Shelby Montana corridor (via Albuquerque and Denver, of course).

We are also trying to fight the Subsidy Gambit, a piece of anti-Rail brainwashing that just won’t go away. Concerning the latter, our JW has published an Op Ed on the subject in the Albuquerque Tribune, 18 December 2007. Look it up at www.abqtrib.com.

Rails, Inc is a non-profit (501-c-3) corporation.

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