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Rail Versus …

Rail stacks up well against other modes of transportation

These two items should need no explanation.

Rail vs. Bus Transit

Energy Consumption (Fuel Economy)180-330 Passenger Miles per Gallon or Equivalent600-900 Passenger Miles per Gallon or Equivalent
Vehicle Life12 Years25-40 Years
Right-Of-Way Life30 Years30-50 Years
SecurityDriver Stuck With The Job (Divided attention)Transit Cop Can Ride Train
Independence From TrafficGenerally NoneModerate to Nearly Total, Depending On Track  Separation
Operating Cost Recovery (From Fares)20-25%50-100%
Role In DevelopmentRoutes Can Be Moved On Short NoticePermanent Route Fosters Long-Term Planning
Matching Capacity To DemandAdd More Busses, Each with Its Own Driver and securityAdd or Remove Cars as Needed
Public AcceptanceAvoided By Most People Who Can Afford A ChoicePopular With All Ages, Colors and Income Levels

Rail vs. All Comers

Fuel Efficiency of Various Modes of Transportation
Fuel Efficiency of Various Modes of Transportation

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