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Mismanagement and Monster Trains

An important guest opinion from Justin Roczniak in the New York Times

Justin Roczniak is a DJ who also hosts a podcast about engineering disasters. And he apparently is a writer interested in the current union/management tussles in freight rail.

In his guest piece for the New York Times he advocates for rail workers and against what he believes to be the mismanagement of modern freight rail. It is a good article we recommend you read, although be warned that it is behind the NYT paywall.

One particular note of interest is how his points dovetail nicely with Rails Inc’s proposal for an interstate rail system.

Through disinvestment, private rail management has shown for decades a disinterest in building a rail system that works for workers and shippers. If they can’t figure out how to run a functioning railroad, maybe it’s time to take it out of their hands.

Maybe the problem is not the private ownership of the railroad companies, but the private ownership of the rail infrastructure? Couldn’t we start by nationalizing that first?

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