5-Point Program

(1) Completion of modern railroad track from the main track into downtown Santa Fe.

(2) A modern Commuter Rail line on existing tracks running several times daily between Bernalillo and Belen, to be quickly expanded to Socorro-Santa Fe.  This system to include park-and-ride facilities and bus/van shuttles to important nearby destinations.   All facilities to be pedestrian, wheelchair, and bicycle friendly.

(3) Restoration of Amtrak Superliner or similar rail service from El Paso through Albuquerque and Raton to Denver, with appropriate connecting services.

(4) A couple of carefully selected Light Rail (or Modern Street car) lines within the Albuquerque area, including park-and-ride facilities at major destinations and intersections. These lines to be installed using the latest in inexpensive track-laying technology within existing boulevard space.

(5) A publicity campaign along the lines of those for seat belts and sober driving to promote ridership.

UPDATE, 2010:

Points 1 and much of 2 have been realized. Besides Points 3,4 and 5, we are promoting what we call the “Rail Interstate”; the restoration of a full national Rail network, much like we had 60 years ago. We think we should be able to go everywhere by train (even at a modest 70-80 mph) that we can now drive or fly (see Our Road And Rail Maps, at left).


Is this just a solution in search of a problem? See What’s at Stake.

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