Everybody but Us?

  • Phoenix has voted for extensive transit improvements, including a light rail system.
  • Salt Lake City’s new light rail line is being ridden in huge numbers.
  • Denver is opening a new eight-and-a-half mile extension this summer, and yet another has been approved. Ridership is now over 33,000 a day on the entire light rail system, more than 40% over projections. Ridership at two station locations already exceeds projections for the year 2015.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth The Trinity Railway Express is now complete between downtown Dallas and downtown Fort Worth and is building an extension to the DFW Airport. The trains are full. The DART (Dallas Light Rail Line) is expanding rapidly and ridership is exceeding expectations. Fort Worth is working on their own light rail system.
  • Houston has begun construction of their own light rail system.
  • Calgary in Alberta, Canada boasts the first transit system in North America to completely power its light-rail via wind-generated electricity. Their C-Train is 100% emission-free.
  • The Santa Fe Southern Railway is working with county and city leaders and a private developer to initiate a modern commuter line connecting Santa Fe, the SF Community College, and El Dorado.

Don’t be fooled by red herrings.
New Mexico can have a modern inter-modal transportation system that includes rail.

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