Research, Reference, Literature

  • LR55 is a concept in tramway track and tracklaying which has been developed by Professor Lewis Lesley in Liverpool. Revolutionarily inexpensive and quick to install.
  • has information and photographs relating to passenger, freight and model trains in the U.S. and worldwide, plus items of interest to the professional rail industry.
  • is a railroad news network, brought to you by
  • Metro Magazine is dedicated to providing its readers with the most timely and insightful coverage of surface public transportation.
  • Lamont’s Home Page has an unofficial directory of campgrounds, hotels, and motels near railroads.
  • The American Public Transportation Association provides links to research on current and proposed light rail systems.
  • Light Rail Central bills itself as the “North American Light Rail Information Site”.
  • Light Rail Atlas provides maps of Light Rail corridors in Europe, the United States and other areas in the world, using Light Rail Precedents as important examples.
  • The New Electric Railway Journal is a web site of the Free Congress Foundation with news and literature concerning light rail.
  • Rail Magazine

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