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  • Bulletin, September 2016 / 3 Hot Topics - Our Positions On Three Hot Topics: Albuquerque Rapid Transit (“ART”): ART, like any Bus Rapid Transit, is a poor and temporary substitute for Urban Rail in most corridors.  However, “ART” might succeed if 1)  it’s convertible to Urban Rail in … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, September 2015 / PTC, etc -   1) Positive Train Control: For those not already familiar with PTC, it’s a GPS-based technology for monitoring trains and for stopping them automatically if necessary. It would likely have prevented this year’s deadly Amtrak crash in Philadelphia, and probably … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, July 2015 -   The Southwest Chief: Amtrak is no longer threatening to terminate the Chief at the end of 2015, when its track maintenance contract with the BNSF Railway expires. This is not an exoneration; more like a stay of execution, to … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, May 2015 -   1) The Southwest Chief: Our train has received, if not full exoneration, a good long stay of execution. Amtrak has announced that they will no longer impose their End-Of-2015 deadline for re-routing or terminating the Chief. They, along with … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, February 2015 - Ladies and Gentlemen: Since the New Mexico legislative session is under way, please write to them and burn up their phone lines (e-mail too), as per the following. Even if there are no bills in the works on this subject, … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, September 2014 - Ladies and Gentlemen: I  The Southwest Chief: The impasse continues over funding the track and bridge improvements necessary to keep the Chief running in Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico and to return it to Class 4 status (80 mph maximum) … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, February 2014 - Ladies and Gentlemen: Please contact your State Representative and State Senator and urge them to support and vote for: House Bill 117 House Bill 241 Senate Bill 168 Senate Bill 221 All of these concern the Southwest Chief and the … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, January 2014 - The Southwest Chief As of January 1, 2016, one of several things will have happened to Amtrak’s Southwest Chief: ### The tracks from Newton KS to Lamy NM will get a much-needed upgrade to passenger Rail (80 mph) standards, saving … Continue reading
  • Bulletin, June 2013 -   Ladies and Gentlemen: The Southwest Chief: After HM 50, Now What? Our House Memorial (HM 50) directs the NM Economic Development Dept (NMEDD) to pursue a market research program laying out the public good (and revenue) possibilities for the … Continue reading

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