• Overlooked Benefits - BULLETIN September 2003     Overlooked Benefits There seems to be a new day finally dawning in New Mexico in the twin areas of transportation and energy. People are talking more seriously about solar and wind enerty, and rail has … Continue reading
  • Bullet Trains - BULLETIN:  December 2001 We at RAILS, Inc. want to talk about Bullet Trains. We keep hearing references to Bullet (super fast) trains as an expensive and unacceptable alternative to highway and road expansion. This is a red herring issue. Don’t … Continue reading
  • MRGCOG Listening Session - RAILS BULLETIN March 2000 We would like to make a few comments inspired by the recent “Listening Session” sponsored by the Middle Rio Grande Coucil of Governments (MRGCOG) Urban Transportation Planning Policy Board (UTPPB) on March 22, 2000 at the … Continue reading
  • The Bus Trap - BULLETIN October 2006 Many transportation reformers, especially in areas with little or no public or private transit, believe that better bus service makes more sense (especially economically) than Light Rail or Streetcar transit. Their concerns are centered around the up … Continue reading

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